Back to Court with Tomita Technologies

Early this year, it came down the line that Nintendo was finally ordered to pay 3DS royalties to Tomita Technology, as the result of a patent trial regarding the handheld console. Nintendo had been accused to stealing and using patented stereoscopic 3D technology, specifically in the cameras, without permission from the tech’s creator. It was Nintendo’s position that it had consulted numerous companies when they were developing the 3DS, and had simply gone with another partner out of many with similar tech.

Regardless, the judge ordered Nintendo to pay Tomita Technologies 1.82% of the wholesale price per unit, plus supplemental damages in the amount of $241,231. It was a semi-victory for Nintendo, since the case could have gone on indefinitely, and Nintendo has now decided to return the patent case to court. Bloomberg’s summary says this:

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said that a judge incorrectly interpreted a key element in a patent related to the display of 3-D images on a screen without special glasses for the viewer. The misinterpretation then confused the jury, the court said.”

Nintendo hasn’t won, but instead is bringing the case back to an earlier stage of the case where there was a contentious point, with the right to a second jury trial. So, it appears that this case is long from over. They may be able to reverse the previous decision and win the overall case, which appears to be Nintendo’s goal in this particular circumstance.


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