Best Buy & Target Discounts on 3DS XLs

For those looking to get some of their holiday shopping done in the week ahead, there’s a pile of Target discounts coming this week from December 14-20th. This includes 3DS XL systems discounted by $50 to only $149.99, bringing back the price they sold it for last year.

But to get the jump on Target, Best Buy has moved itself into play by running a promotion from now until December 13th—they’ve put the red, blue, and black 3DS XL models on sale for the same price ($150).

This means you’ll have a chance to pick up a 3DS XL at one retailer or another for a $50 discount for the next week and a half, if that’s something you’re so inclined to do. It’s a great deal, however it’s worth wondering whether the promotion will be as successful as they hope, with the New Nintendo 3DS just months away in North America (and already released in Japan and Oceania).


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