Mega Man Too Hard for Today’s Youth

Longtime gaming fans have grown up seeing the shift in the gaming industry from the early 80s to today, and it’s easy to wax nostalgic and wonder why companies like Capcom are more or less ignoring their greatest contributions to gaming—such as Mega Man—but the latest video in the series of React clips on YouTube suggests there’s more going on than we’ve realized… perhaps games like Mega Man are just too bloody hard for today’s players.

Watching the video will give you a new appreciation for your upbringing in the early days of NES and SEGA Genesis, as teens are handed an NES controller and told to play the first level in the first Mega Man title from 1987.

Clearly these teens weren’t even close to being born at that time, so it’s a little predictable that you’ll see blank faces, confusion, and frustration as they attempt to make their way through the first level of Mega Man in their modern Call of Duty world.

Perhaps most notable is a comment from one of the players at the end of the experience is this: Bosses from today’s video games aren’t even as hard as the first enemy in the first level of Mega Man. And that just might be the most telling of all, yes?

Either way, it makes a person start to feel old…


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