New Elements Added to Skylanders Universe

It’s not surprising that Activision is looking to new ways to draw players back to Skylanders, now with the popularity of amiibo and Disney Infinity encroaching on what used to be Skylanders-dominated game territory. Today, an announcement came down the wire that there are new Elements for Skylanders, the first new ones since the original eight Elements appeared in the first game in 2011.

The new Elements, Light and Dark, bring new characters, new villains, new quests, and new game zones. There are two new Trap Masters—Knight Mare and Knight Light—and they’ll be available for purchase on December 26th in two new Quest Packs.

Each Quest Pack comes with a special Trap that’s able to capture Light or Dark villains, and one of the two new Trap Masters. A location piece can unlock a special game level.

The Light Elemental Quest Pack and Dark Elemental Quest Pack can each be purchased for $29.99USD at all major retailers—no store exclusives for this one.


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