Go Hunting This Christmas

We knew it was coming, we just didn’t know when… but this Christmas morning, make sure you have that Wii Zapper handy and your system updated and credit card ready to go, because it’s time to hunt some unfortunate water fowl!

Duck Hunt will hit the Wii U eShop on Christmas Day in North America, and it’ll of course work just how you’d expect—using your Wii Remote pointed at the TV screen, just the way you used to point that NES Zapper light gun. You’ll get a crosshair on the screen this time, however, which may change the experience slightly for some of you “purists.” Yes, Duck Hunt purists. We know you’re out there.

Here’s what the original press release has to say:

“Grab your Wii Remote controller! It’s duck season and your trusty hunting dog is ready to scour the open fields. Test your sharp-shooting skills as your targets take flight in this legendary NES classic. Be quick to knock them out of the skies, or your canine companion won’t hesitate to make you the laughing stock of hunters. Need a change in scenery? Best your score against clay pigeon targets instead. Duck Hunt will be available on Dec. 25.”


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