Toys “R” Us Rumored to Be Cancelling Amiibo Orders

Please keep in mind that at the time of writing, this is just a rumor—but we’re reporting it in case you need to call your local Toys “R” Us and check on the status of your order. There are reports surfacing online today that North American stores are cancelling amiibo orders all over the place, with reason being that Nintendo hasn’t supplied the requisite stock to fulfill all the pre-orders.

One of the toys undergoing this order purge is Lucario, an amiibo that’s exclusive to Toys “R” Us. So far, it seems that this is not a computer error, and a case of cancelled orders over delayed stock instead of just sending out notifications of delayed order fulfillment.

If Nintendo has indeed not supplied enough to fill the orders, that may give credence to the additional rumor that Wave 3 might be delayed past the intended February date. Adding to the confusion, it seems that the pre-order pages for the figures went live after customers received their cancellation emails.

None of it is making a whole lot of sense, and no official word has been given on what’s happening. We’ll update as we learn, but in the meantime, keep an eye on your orders and perhaps call your local store for some clarification on what’s happening with your amiibo order.


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