Hyrule Warriors DLC Costume Sets Available in Europe

There have been several DLC additions to Hyrule Warriors as of late, keeping things fresh and exciting as you play, and there’s of course the Season Pass option to ensure that you get all the additions as soon as they arrive. The Master Quest and Twilight Princess packs have already seen the light of day, and there are two more to release in the coming months—Majora’s Mask Pack (Jan 2015) and Boss Pack (Feb 2015).

But if that’s too far away for you, never fear! Some costume set DLC is here, and it’s not going to set you back more than a few dollars. Currently, these costumes are only available in Europe and Australia, so North America, we’re sorry. But you may already have these sets as they were pre-order bonuses here (and the Ganondorf set, which was available through Club Nintendo).

There are four costume sets that all cost under one Euro, so if this is something you across-the-pond types need to keep you playing, go pick them up today!


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