North American Club Nintendo Adds New Physical Rewards

Club Nintendo’s offerings vary significantly from territory to territory, and lately those of us in North America have been only given the choice of eight download games each month instead of the physical rewards that other PAL regions are given. We started with physical rewards back in the day, and then they just… disappeared.

But! At least there are a few now added to the mix, which might make some of us finally spend those coins. The primary point of interest here is an NES Remix 2 shirt that’s 700 coins – but only available in Large and Extra Large for now.

We also have two sets of 3DS game card cases, each with a space for 18 3DS/DS cartridges and three interchangeable covers. These will cost you 400 coins each.

It might not be everything you were hoping for, but hey, it’s something!

dec-24-NA-club-nintendo-2 dec-24-NA-club-nintendo-3 dec-24-NA-club-nintendo-4


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