Little Mac amiibo May Actually Have Been Discontinued in North America

You’ve heard more than once around here that Nintendo is having issues with amiibo stock—with producing enough, and with communicating exactly what’s going on so that they can manage the expectations of their fans. There have been many assumptions made about certain figures disappearing from the shelves forever, and Nintendo’s response has been that they’re just working on it and that it’s true—not all figures will be available for all time.

And that’s all we’ve heard for quite some time now. It’s not what we were hoping for, but that’s what we’ve got.

Little Mac has been among the impossible to find amiibo on store shelves, and according to some reports circulating online today, the figure may have been KO’d by Nintendo indefinitely.

An article on highlights some attempts to find a Little Mac amiibo, and after the figure’s listing was removed from the GameStop website at the end of 2014, here’s what the site was given as an answer when they inquired about the stock supply:

“We deeply apologise however Little Mac amiibo was delisted/discontinued. Since we will no longer be receiving any stock of this item due to manufacturer shortages/cancellation we would be unable to fulfill your request.”

And this looks to be the same case on other sites like Amazon and Best Buy. Naturally, there are more impossible-to-find amiibo than just Little Mac right now, but responses like the one posted above are enough to almost confirm that this particular figure is, in fact, completely discontinued.


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