Possible Future for F-Zero? Playable Star Fox!

Last December, Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen went around to various YouTube channels to film with them, in order to increase their presence online and get exposure in front of millions of subscribers. The most followed of the channels was Smosh Games (5.5 million subs) and on December 19th we heard about it from Nintendo of America. The video, however, hadn’t been uploaded until now!

While the focus of the video is supposed to be the channel’s team playing Mario Kart 8 with Miyamoto, it’s the interview that’s really full of important tidbits worth making note of. Miyamoto mentions work on a number of projects, specifically F-Zero, a franchise that many Nintendo fans have been aching to see something new from but have been losing hope over.

Miyamoto’s response to the question was that the franchise might return once the right controller interface becomes available. What does that mean? Honestly we have no idea, but it makes us wonder if maybe they have a new F-Zero title slated for their next console release, whenever that may be.

The team was also able to get Miyamoto to confirm that Star Fox for Wii U will be playable at this year’s E3, with dual screen setup allowing continuing gameplay and cinematics to blend together seamlessly.

Give the video a watch, as there is plenty more there to enjoy—we just wanted to highlight these rather intriguing slices of information for you in the meantime.


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