Club Nintendo Europe Select Members Will Receive Ambassador Edition New Nintendo 3DS

It’s an announcement that no doubt is causing jaw-drops and tidal waves of envy over here in North America: Nintendo Europe is presenting certain selected loyal Nintendo fans the opportunity to purchase a New Nintendo 3DS before it’s officially launched in the West.

Some Club Nintendo members are receiving emails that offer the chance to purchase this special Ambassador Edition 3DS bundle for £179.99, with the bundles shipping out in just 3-5 days.

The special Ambassador Edition New Nintendo 3DS bundle includes a nice pile of items, and here’s the full list:

  • New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle system in White – Value of £155.99
  • An exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Back)
  • An exclusive Ambassador Edition Cover Plate (Front) – Value of £7.67
  • New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition Bundle stylus
  • 4 GB microSDHC memory card
  • A set of AR Cards
  • A Quick-Start Guide
  • An Operations Manual
  • A set of front and back Super Smash Bros. cover plates – Value of £7.67
  • A charging cradle for the console in White – Value of £7.67



When asked by Eurogamer how Nintendo chose which Club members would receive the email, this was the response:

The New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador offer is by email invitation only for selected Club Nintendo members in Europe only who fulfil a certain criteria.

We are unable to disclose such business information, however we would like to reassure you that we are continually looking at different promotional offerings we can bring to consumers at various times throughout the year.

The terms and conditions for such promotional activities are individual to each promotion,but we will endeavour to bring you more promotional activities in the future, which we hope you will be able to take advantage of.


Hmm. So, the next question is… will this be happening in North America, too?


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