Details of Cancelled “Clockwerk” Revealed

Next Level Games is a development studio close to our hearts, as they’re Canadian-based and have worked on some fantastic Nintendo titles, including Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Currently, the studio is actually developing exclusively for Nintendo’s platforms, but back in 2011, that wasn’t yet the focus.

Unseen 64 has just revealed today that back in 2011, Next Level Games was working on a game titled Clockwerk, which was intended to release on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. It was a puzzle platformer, and vast amounts of artwork, concept sheets, and so forth were created for the game. A deal was rumored to have been in the works in 2011 with one of the major publishers, and pitches were made specifically to Nintendo and SEGA.

Here’s an overview of the description from Unseen 64:

“It was conceived as the story of two old men, Otto & Herman, who work as Hausmeisters (caretakers) in a magical floating clock tower suspended in the clouds called ‘The World Clock’, that governs the flow of time throughout the universe. On their final day before retirement, a faction of evil gremlins attack the tower, dismantling its innards and disrupting the behaviour of time. In order for the grumpy twosome to finally retire, they must defeat the invaders and repair its inner workings.”

Evidently, the deal fell apart when it was discovered that the publisher had already committed themselves to an entirely different game that already had very similar gameplay mechanics.

To see more of the incredible concept art for this game-that-wasn’t, click through to Unseen 64. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll see this game resurrected as a Nintendo title after all…


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