Splatoon Release Date Finally Confirmed

Today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast brought us an exciting piece of information—the release date for a new Nintendo IP, known as Splatoon! Your Nintendo Fire team saw this game at a PAX event several years ago, and we’ve been excitedly waiting for more details on it ever since. Now, it’s become one of the year’s most anticipated Wii U releases.

It’ll be coming to stores in May of this year, and online multiplayer will be the main focus. There’s a single-player campaign to play through, but the Plaza area where you can customize your character is the real key before you head into multiplayer.

Different weapons, clothes, and items will affect your character’s stats and abilities, giving the customization option a little more life than just serving aesthetic purposes. Players will need to be strategic, though it also looks like players new to this style of gameplay and younger players will still be able to just pick up the game and go.

We’ll provide more details as more are released, but for now mark your calendars for a May release!


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