PAX South: Second Impressions—Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS)

Remember when we first took a look at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate at PAX Prime 2014? Well, here we go again!

Not much has changed since we saw the game back in August, other than the excitement level building and giving it a go on the New Nintendo 3DS XL—which is certainly a different experience in itself, just due to the power of the new system.

The demo places four players in a game together, going after a large monster through different areas. The loading time between areas with the New Nintendo 3DS XL is mercifully short, and according to the rep who manned the game station, the loading time will be 3-5 seconds faster than on the regular Nintendo 3DS.

The game itself is fairly straightforward, if not a little intimidating to pick up and play if you’re not a returning Monster Hunter franchise player. The monsters sure seem to take a while to take down, but their injuries are consistent with the damage received—and one monster actually tried to run instead of fight once he became severely injured. Logically, that made sense.

Even for new(ish) players of the franchise, the controls are more or less intuitive in the sense that the standard attacks are tied to the buttons you’d expect, and you’re able to dodge roll and sheath your weapon when needed. You can use a run feature to keep up with your party if you fall behind, though you can’t use your weapon at the same time at top speed.

Visually, the New Nintendo 3DS XL is superior in every way to the regular 3DS. The 3D face tracking makes an enormous difference during battle, since you can comfortably play with the 3D on instead of getting angry at it.

Local multiplayer certainly seems to work well, and the cooperative element adds a great level of camaraderie. There were many new players trying it at the booth and they didn’t seem to be getting frustrated, which indicates that this may be a good place for Monster Hunter newcomers to jump in and give it a shot.

The game releases on February 13th of this year!


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