PAX South: First Impressions—Starr Mazer (Wii U / 3DS)

So… how do you feel about the idea of a “retro-sexy Point-and-Click Adventure Shoot ‘em Up in SPACE!”

Yeah, we’re not all that sure either, but Starr Mazer was demoing at PAX South this year and directing folks to their Kickstarter for the game. They have a long way to go (see their page here), but maybe this is the kind of game for you?

While Nintendo consoles aren’t the first on the list for development, the team did let us know that they’re hoping to bring it to both the Wii U and the 3DS, so if this is an area of interest for you, read on and give them some support. Now, while it may seem entirely contrary to have a point & click combined with a shoot ‘em up, the team behind Starr Mazer is hoping that their game brings you an entirely new gaming experience, not just two game styles in one.

The game is being described as “open-middled gameplay”, where episodes of the game can be entered into and left at various points, with actions and choices having consequences that appear later on—this is a big thing in gaming these days, adding realism to the game experience. Our brief look at the game also had a bit of a space-opera feel to it, which isn’t a negative at all.

But when it comes to the shooter section, there’s variety, if not the kind of bullet hell one comes to expect from something calling itself a shoot ‘em up.

Look, the whole thing was rather confusing overall, and we didn’t get enough time with the game to really get a good sense of it—or maybe that was the whole point?


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