PAX South: First Impressions—Tadpole Treble (Wii U)

First off, it’s important to note that while Tadpole Treble seemed like a very fun game, the enjoyment of it was complicated by the fact that the team did not bring any kind of sanitizer for their headphone gear. Typically, I don’t use the headphones for a game but place them around my neck so I can hear the music / directions but don’t have to use communal headphones at a convention. This is less of a problem on the first day of a con, but by day three, placing any gear on or near your face is risking the infamous PAX pox.

And since this is a music game, and the sound wasn’t turned up enough to be able to hear it with the headphones around my neck, I had considerable difficulty playing & enjoying the game.

It’s a fairly simple concept with a lovely, whimsical design. It’s a music game where you play a tadpole and need to avoid the music notes on a piece of sheet music. Your actions help to shape the music as it plays, and there are things like health boosts, jumping actions, and other obstacles. I was told that there’s also a creation mode that’s similar to Mario Paint’s music program, but I wasn’t given the chance to observe it for myself.

I wish I could provide a more in-depth review of this game as it seemed quite enjoyable and the perfect sort of indie game for the Wii U, but ultimately the lack of foresight with equipment sanitizing meant I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth—especially because I heard the team making somewhat disparaging comments behind my back about my hesitation to use the headphones… probably thinking I couldn’t hear them.

Perhaps not the best first impression, gentlemen.


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