Director of Super Smash Bros. Can’t Even Find the amiibo He Wants

Nintendo has been doing a, uh, not so great job at keeping the amiibo supply up with demand. That’s not a surprise. We’re just all still scratching our heads as to why—on purpose? Poor foresight?—but apparently the problem of amiibo scarcity has become so bad that the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, can’t even get the amiibo characters he wants.

Sakurai wrote on Twitter that he went out to find some amiibo, but wasn’t able to get Meta Knight, Lucario, or Rosalina. Why he didn’t just pull some strings at Nintendo to get them is beyond us—and surely he still could—but it seems a bit surprising to hear from the director of the game the amiibo system debuted with.

Will this public tweet nudge Nintendo into looking a little deeper into the stock of these figures? It seems a little embarrassing that one of the biggest names of the company would publicly point out the issues with low stock.

Hang in there, Sakurai-san! We feel your pain.


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