Fold To Your Heart’s Delight with KAMI

CIRCLE Entertainment is quite the prolific company, bringing us games over and over on the 3DS eShop. Their latest offering is KAMI, an “origami puzzle game” that appears simple at first blush. The concept is that the player folds out colored paper in order to fill in the screen with as few moves as possible.

Sounds simple enough, yes? The game was created by State of Play, who is famous for their handcrafted aesthetics. The game has actually been created with real paper, and promises players a relaxing experience in an easy-to-understand game.

There are 63 puzzles in the game, a hints system, and a soothing soundtrack to complete the engaging, meditative experience of paper folding.

Watch the trailer below! In today’s busy world, this might be just the game you need to unwind at the end of the day.


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