Moon Chronicles Episodes Launching Together Next Week

February is moon month! And Renegade Kid is getting in on the action. Heading to the 3DS eShop next week on February 5th, the final three episodes of Major Kane’s exploratory journey into the lunar hatch will be released simultaneously.

Each Moon Chronicles episode (2, 3, and 4) will be available for purchase individually at $4.50, but you can also choose to buy all three together for just $9.00. If you already own Episode One, you’ll also need to download a recent game update before you can play through the new episodes.

Moon Chronicles has received some great response from players for its controls, smooth frame rate, and for being a solid FPS on a console that has always had some issues with first-person shooters.

With these episodes just a week away, maybe get that initial update out of the way now to save you time when you want to play the new content.


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