GameStop & Amazon Push Back Wave 3 amiibo Pre-Orders

With the next wave of amiibo due to arrive this month in North America, everyone has undoubtedly been holding their breath to see what will happen with the stock of this round of figures. Well, wait no more, because the gong show has begun.

Amazon is reportedly sending out notifications of delays to Mega Man orders, pushing the arrival date back to March 6th. There are third-party listings of Mega Man figures on the site right now, but those are European imports that are no doubt confusing poor North Americans who are wondering why there are available Mega Man amiibo when their own shipment has yet to arrive.

And GameStop has apparently been delaying shipments as well, with some sites online reporting delays to King Dedede orders and other seemingly randomly selected orders. No doubt this is another case of demand exceeding supply!

So far, we haven’t heard that any orders have been outright cancelled, but it’s early days yet. We’ll keep you updated as the situation develops.


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