Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Commercial… in English!

Over the past little while, we’ve been delighted to show you some of the fun and charming commercials coming out of Japan for the upcoming Kirby and the Rainbow Curse (known as Touch! Kirby Super Rainbow in Japan). The reviews for the game have been very positive, with the touch controls apparently working remarkably well.

This will be the second Nintendo game in North America to be available on the eShop for pre-loading before release date (you can’t play it, but you can get it ready to play and it will unlock on the release date) and it’ll have limited amiibo support with the appropriate characters.

In anticipation of the release date on February 10th, we finally have a North American commercial for the game! And really, the game looks just as adorable as it did in the Japanese commercials. Get your Kirby fix and check out the ad while the game pre-loads on your Wii U, perhaps?


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