Nintendo’s Quick Guide for New Nintendo 3DS System Transfer

Those Nintendo fans who are picking up a New Nintendo 3DS system this week are probably, for the most part, upgrading from an older 3DS model. The critical component of this upgrade process, as usual, is the content transfer process from your old piece of hardware to the shiny new system.

To help make this process pain-free (or at least, less scream-y), Nintendo of America has provided us all with a three and a half minute walkthrough of the process… if you’re doing the transfer via PC. The transfer process with the New system is trickier than the transfer process has been with the older systems, thanks to the change in using SD cards to micro SDHC.

There’s also some confusing and questionable wording in the process questions, and it’s absolutely vital that your first step in this process—should we stress that again? vital—is to not log in to the New hardware with your Nintendo Network ID before the transfer.

The three and a half minutes in the video certainly doesn’t mean the whole process will take you three and a half minutes. It’s a helpful video, to be sure, but we’re hoping to see some more comprehensive (and better explained) guides to the process popping up in the near future.


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