Sonic Boom Sales Struggle to Even Make a Pop

In January, Sega announced that it would cut around 300 jobs as it restructured its business, and we had to wait until the Q3 financial results to learn how that would play out. Right now, it looks like they’re going to form new, smaller companies within the overarching business, with Sega Games replacing Sega Corporation as the video game focus.

The goal for the transition is April 1st, and it’s within the announcement for all this restructuring that we’ve learned some sales figures for Sega’s major 2014 releases. Both of the new Sonic Boom games have struggled immensely, with combined sales for Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal sitting around 490,000 units. To put that in perspective, Sonic Lost World for 3DS & Wii U sold 640,000 units in around the same time frame in 2013.

Considering how heavily Sega pushed the tie-in franchise materials—TV show, toys—this isn’t great news for Sonic Boom overall. That said, it probably didn’t help that critics almost universally panned the Wii U game (okay, not just critics, how about… anyone who tried to play it) and resulted in the kinda-better 3DS game getting very little attention.

That said, the 3DS still accounted for a decent amount of Sega’s traction in the video game marketplace, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s coming for Sega and Sonic’s future.



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