Card Format amiibo Confirmed & Coming Soon!

Nintendo’s recent investor briefing continues to reveal some interesting information about the company’s plans for amiibo! Along with the previous post about the NES & SNES free software experiences coming with the tap of an amiibo character, Satoru Iwata also confirmed that the rumored “collectible card” version of amiibo will become a reality very soon.

These will be considered a cheaper range of amiibo, presented as cards containing an NFC chip. This is good news for fans who have had difficulty finding certain characters in order to unlock desired game content. It’s also going to be an easier investment for players on a stricter budget—not everyone can afford to shell out $10-15 bucks for dozens upon dozens of plastic figures.

The briefing also revealed that amiibo has been financially lucrative for Nintendo, having shipped 5.7 million units around the world at the end of 2014. This also seems to have surprised Nintendo’s management—though if you ask any Nintendo fan, it really shouldn’t have.

A top sales ranking chart per region of amiibo figures was also shown, and while it can’t be entirely accurate (since it doesn’t account for the out of stock popular characters in some regions), it’s interesting to see where the regional differences lie in terms of favorite figures. Link is obviously a favorite around the world, surpassing Mario almost everywhere!


And then there was  another chart released which showed regional sell-through rates, since many of the amiibo listed are sold out and/or extremely difficult to get one’s hands on. Will this change with the promise of trying to manufacture more high-demand characters? We’ll soon see.


And remember, there are more amiibo on the way… will this momentum continue? Will Nintendo deliver on its promise to manufacture more high-demand, rare characters? We’ll have to wait and see!


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