Final DLC for Hyrule Warriors Shows Us Who’s the Boss

If you purchased the Season Pass for Hyrule Warriors, you already know that there’s only one more major pack left to be released. The pack is listed as the “Boss Pack,” and until now the details were kept fully under wraps. However! The Japanese version of this DLC is coming next week, so we can all surmise that the same will be coming in the North American version.

In Japan, it’s called the “Ganon Pack” and contains the following:

Boss Challenge – Battle against huge demon beasts and aim for the high score in this additional mode. For every battle, you can leave a record with each character. As a reward, you can acquire costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.

Ganon Play – Control the demonic beast Ganon and aim for the high score in this additional mode. With his excessively large stature, he can destroy the battlefield and take out hordes of enemies like never before seen. You can leave a record for every battle. As a reward, you can acquire costumes for Ganondorf and Cia.


And as we’ve seen with the other large DLC packs, there will be a game update. Version 1.6.0 will contain the following updates:

  • Max level raised
  • New mixture potions added
  • New medals added
  • Challenge mode expanded
  • Score recording function added
  • Challenge scenarios added
  • Bug that extends load times when entering battles fixed


There’s no set release date for the “Boss Pack” in the West, but we’re thinking that since it’s out in Japan next week, it shouldn’t be too long before it hits our shores.


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