Another Miiverse Update Coming

Nintendo continues to put in efforts to make Miiverse an exciting and rewarding place to hang out, and of course this means continued updates to the how the community works. The latest update coming down the pipeline will allow users to view details of when someone is following another person in the community, and you’ll be able to view another person’s profile before following them.

Basically, it’s like the little sidebars in Twitter and the news ticker in Facebook, connecting people with other people faster.

Notably, this is the second update from Nintendo on Miiverse in February, as the previous update allowed Miiverse users to view recent comments without the extra step of clicking on them. You should also be able to view a list of Miiverse participants who have interests similar to yours, based on an algorithm that factors in what games you’re playing and what communities on Miiverse you’re active in.

Will this latest update keep users engaged, or just be an extra swath of unnecessary information? Time will tell!


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