Mario Kart 8 Toy Wishes It Had Anti-Gravity Mode

The American retailer JAKKS is just one store out of many hocking various Nintendo-themed toys, but one of the upcoming toys for this particular store brand is worth taking a second look at. An image and listing has popped up online for a remote-controlled Mario Kart—yes, a little remote-controlled car!—that actually has an “anti-gravity mode.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean the car hovers… we imagine if it did, the price would, uh, be somewhat higher… but the wheels actually do rotate and the car slides along the ground anyway!

Now, it’s not cheap (despite the lack of anti-gravity mode) and will set you back $100 when it releases sometime later this year, but the “World of Nintendo RC Racer” is a cool toy to gawk at and a fun concept nonetheless.


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