Mega Man: The Board Game is Almost Here

Quite some time ago, a Kickstarter was up for a project called Mega Man: The Board Game. Understandably, many were skeptical about how this could become a reality without Capcom coming in and shutting everything down… but Jasco Games has been working very hard toward the end goal of a finished product, and what we’re seeing now is a fairly complex game with lots of text and lots of miniatures.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it seems that the biggest challenge for Jasco Games was clearing everything with Capcom, who owns the IP for Mega Man. A recent project update explained that a set of sample minis from the proposed game had been sent and that Capcom’s reps were very impressed with the figures.

As it stands, the approval process on box art, cards, and so forth is at about 95%.

Check out some of the images from the forthcoming game below!





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