More Nintendo-Character Themed Tabletop Games On the Way

You’ve probably seen Nintendo Monopoly before… it’s not unusual to see classic games with Nintendo themes replacing the usual characters and cards. But according to game company USAopoly, you need more classic games with Nintendo skins!

The first “new” release in this vein will be TacDex: Super Mario, which is similar to the card game War. This version of the game will have good guy and bad guy decks, and players will flip between winning conditions requiring either a highest or lowest card—something like that, anyway. It’ll retail for around ten dollars.

And in the spring, we’ll see Yahtzee: The Legend of Zelda, which—while being fairly self-explanatory in what you can expect in the game—doesn’t really seem to match thematically. Well, beyond presenting an opportunity to make the dice cup shaped like a treasure chest. Go figure.

If you’re a collector of classic games, maybe this is what you’re looking for!


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