Free DLC Expansion Coming for Shovel Knight!

If you haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, we’re not really sure why you’re still here. We mean, come on. It’s worth it. Go play, then come back and read this article! After all, the game was inspired by such classic Nintendo titles as The Legend of Zelda and Castlevania, with pixel art that amazed and a soundtrack that kicked some serious butt. Pardon our [butt]. (Sorry, inside joke there for those of us who’ve played it…)

Anyway, almost a year has passed since the game’s release, and Yacht Club Games is ready to show us all what they’re really made of. Shovel Knight is getting its first major DLC update, an expansion called Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows.

The story for this will be centered on Plague Knight, a fan-favorite boss, who is on a quest to create the Serum Supernus (“the Ultimate Potion”). Players will guide this… uh… hero? Anti-hero? Former bad guy? Anyway, you’ll guide him on his quest to get rid of all the other knights of the Order of No Quarter and collect ingredients from them (we’re not quite sure how literal that is…) to concoct the potion.

There will be a blend of new and old gameplay here, and Plague Knight will move in his own unique way, with a new alchemy themed crafting system for your items. Old levels will appear with new objectives and new paths! And new levels will appear with new and extra bosses. Plus, we’ll be seeing new in-game achievements called “Feats.”

This is a massive expansion, from the sounds of things, and guess what? This will all be free to those who have previously purchased Shovel Knight. We’re not kidding. And even better, the content will be playable at PAX East, which means we’ll probably be hearing about a release date for it very soon.




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