PAX East 2015: First Impressions—SteamWorld Heist

If you liked SteamWorld Dig—and certainly the game seems to have a lot of fans—you’re going to be eager to hear about the upcoming SteamWorld Heist from Image & Form. Announced back in 2014, it’s finally here and releasing later this year (or at least the 3DS version is).

also using new gameplay systems to add something fresh to the experience. SteamWorld Heist is a 2D combat strategy game (turn-based) where players control steam-powered robots as they quest forth for treasure.

In this demo, the robots have a set path they move along during turns, but also have an option to stop and attack or extend past the path to a defensive position—and each robot had a different gun to use. Shots can ricochet off walls (which adds some serious strategic thinking), and the developers are considering adding bonuses for players who pull off these tricky shots!

Environment adds another factor to consider, with explosive barrels and so forth. Collectible hats add a fun dimension for completionists… and there are plenty of ways to solve the various puzzles and challenges that the game sets in front of you. There are so many strategic angles to the game that those who are able to find the tactical advantages will have great success—and those who don’t will be “taken out of service” plenty of times before they figure it out.

For those who love turn-based strategy, SteamWorld Heist looks to be an excellent addition to the genre—and the visual steampunk aesthetic is a neat element that makes playing with robots a lot of fun. If you loved the first game, this is definitely one to check out—though if you’re a fan of this style of gameplay, it’s one to keep on your radar!


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