PAX East 2015: Panels of Interest (Saturday)

While there aren’t necessarily any official Nintendo-presented panels happening at PAX East this year, we’ve gone through the program and decided to highlight several panels each day that we think might be of interest to our readers. This may be due to content, the list of panelists, or just general thematic ties.

Please remember that these suggestions are entirely subjective. Please flip through the program on your own as you may find many other things that interest you—but perhaps our suggestions will cause something to jump out at you that you wouldn’t otherwise have noticed!

  • 6:30pm-7:30pm: Settle It In Smash! Competitive Super Smash Bros. Panel (Condor Theatre)
    • Are you a Super Smash Bros. player looking to learn about the tournament scene and how to improve? Follow our panelists through discussion and demonstration of various gameplay techniques/strategies, both basic and advanced, that are useful at all levels of play. If you are looking into joining the Smash community, we will show you ways to network! You will even have a chance to play in smash with us during the panel! Be sure to join us as we settle it in Smash!
  • 9:30pm-11pm: Philosophy, Life, Romance, and a Super Metroid Speed Run (Arachnid Theatre)
    • Super Metroid is the greatest game ever made. Are you doing things that truly make you happy? Completing Super Metroid usually takes 3-10 hours. How can you focus on what’s important while letting the trivial stuff slide? Panelists Eitan (Go Home Dinosaurs) and Ethan (Rock Band) will do a sub-one hour speed run of Super Metroid live. Will you ever find true love? Come watch us play while discussing pressing philosophical topics. Audience participation and Q&A on just about anything encouraged!


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