PAX East 2015: Handheld Tournaments (Sunday)

One more day to go! Maybe your feet hurt from all the time spent in the Expo Hall or waiting in line for various panels. That makes today a great day for a tournament! Kick back and relax—so to speak—as you battle your fellow con-goers in friendly matches for a few hours.

Remember that sign-ups technically began on Friday, but here we are on Sunday and we suspect that more than a few people who signed up two days ago may not recall exactly what they were doing on that first hectic morning. It happens! It’s first-come, first-served… but there’s usually a waiting list for exactly the aforementioned reason.

  • 11am-1pm – Tetris (DS)
  • 3pm-5pm – Pokémon ORAS (3DS)

Have fun and enjoy your final day at PAX East!


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Micah has been playing games since his first pong machine, and has been writing for as long as he could grip a pencil and not drool on the paper. So, for about a week.

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