Elliot Quest Has a Release Date

Elliot Quest is a Wii U title that we here at Nintendo Fire first got a look at back at PAX Prime, during an indie showcase. We were impressed by the developers’ excitement for their game and by the fun gameplay, and it’s clear that this is a title that can now stand as a positive example of the content coming to the eShop these days.

PlayEveryWare should be excited to see the positive buzz for their upcoming game—but more telling will be whether the buzz converts to real sales. The release date for the game has been revealed, with its arrival in North America happening in just a few days on March 19th!

Elliot Quest has a retro-art style and will feature off-TV play, with gameplay focused around five dungeons and 16 bosses. Completionists will enjoy collecting hidden paintings to reveal a special area.

Check out the trailer below!


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