Nintendo of America Commercial Tie-In with Kids Choice Awards

With Mario Party 10 arriving on the Wii U this month, we’re seeing a lot of Bowser these days—though of course Nintendo isn’t going to give any official “Year of Bowser” or “Month of Bowser” tribute to someone who’s considered a villain!

Still, Bowser mode on Mario Party 10 is what makes this version of the game different from its predecessors, which means that marketing for this game is focused around this lovable enemy.

With Nintendo of America sponsoring the annual Kids Choice Awards once again, they’re taking this chance to promote the game and its featured villain—with a commercial, of course!

The awards take place on March 28th, and we’ll no doubt be seeing this one on the TV very, very soon. Whether you like Bowser or not, you’ll probably enjoy seeing what happens to him in this ad spot. Take a gander!


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