Here Come the Fossil Fighters

When it comes to niche franchises, Fossil Fighters is certainly one of Nintendo’s lesser known offerings… despite the slight resemblance to the Pokémon series, Fossil Fighters receives very little attention and spends most of its time in the shadow of the giant (by which we mean the aforementioned similar series).

Fossil Fighters games center around exploration of environments while searching for buried fossils, then bringing the fossils back to life so they can fight with other fossil fighters’ “Vivosaurs”. And now there’s a new entry in the series, Fossil Fighters: Frontier, with an upgradable vehicle called the Bone Buggy that allows for even more exploration.

In this new installment, dig sites will be more dynamic than in previous games, with speed challenges and puzzle challenges for rare or valuable fossils. There will be a prominent multiplayer mode with local co-op and battle modes, and an online mode with leaderboards and a Streetpass feature.

It all sounds oddly… awesome. And yet there’s been almost no buzz about it. Now that you know, does it sound up your alley? We do have a video with footage from 2014’s E3 to show you, though presumably the cheesy music (and other aspects) have much improved since then. The game will be hitting store shelves on March 20th!


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