The Big Three Want to Create “Fun New Ways to Play”

In the excitement of the announcement regarding Nintendo and DeNA, there’s one additional aspect that has been getting less press attention—the future hardware platform that was hinted at, right now called Nintendo NX.

The big three at Nintendo—Iwata, Fils-Aime, and Miyamoto—gave an interview to TIME about this upcoming piece of hardware and what it means for the company’s commitment to developing its own hardware products into the future.

According to Iwata, the company’s dedication to hardware is key to Nintendo’s longevity in the marketplace and relevancy to its consumers:

“If we don’t take an approach that looks holistically at the form a video-game platform should take in the future, then we’re not able to sustain Nintendo 10 years down the road. For us to create unique experiences that other companies cannot, the best possible option for us is to be able to develop hardware that can realize unique software experiences.”

Reggie Fils-Aime says that the Nintendo NX is a “marriage of the software with the hardware that together creates a compelling experience,” while Miyamoto considers Nintendo’s job to be creating “new platforms that enable us to create fun new ways to play.”

At this time, all they’ll say is that more details on the Nintendo NX will be revealed next year… so we have a while to wait, folks!


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