Free-to-Play Pokémon Shuffle Passes 2.5 Million Downloads

Nintendo isn’t a total newcomer to the free-to-play arena, and it appears that their latest foray into the ring with a test of micro-transactions might be their most popular—and potentially successful—venture to date. Pokémon Shuffle has surpassed 2.5 million downloads to date, reached only three weeks after the original one million milestone.

Of course, Nintendo is excited and ready to celebrate, so they’re giving players a free Disruption Delay item in thanks. There has also been a new update for the game, adding in new stages and new Pokémon.

But how does the game itself stack up? While the user base keeps growing, the game itself has received mixed reactions from players. We have no way of knowing if either of these things mean Nintendo is making money on the game or not, but it’s also notable that the 3DS doesn’t support in-game advertising (thank goodness). This means Nintendo’s only way to profit from the free-to-play game is through the Jewel system.

If you’ve spent real money on this game, let us know!


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