Extra Stuff with Etrian Mystery Dungeon Crunchyroll Pre-Order!

Oh, Atlus. You’re always on the ball when it comes to first-run and pre-order bonuses for your 3DS games. It’s exciting for everyone when ordering your game at a standard retail price ahead of time also means getting a CD, maybe a nice book of at (or both!). It’s definitely a way for Atlus to encourage brand loyalty, as well—and it helps that they made darn fun games, to boot.

With the upcoming release of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, the publisher has now partnered with Crunchyroll for even more pre-release goodness! Crunchyroll has a Wii U app in North America, and on top of everything else promised as bonuses, the Crunchyroll bundle (http://www.crunchyroll.com/store/p/163711/Crunchyroll-Exclusive-Etrian-Mystery-Dungeon-3DS-Bundle-S-T-Shirt) includes a t-shirt and mystery bonus item.

Take a look at this graphic that outlines all the amazing goodies you get with this pre-order:


Yep, that’s an art book, a CD, 5 DLC quests, a t-shirt, and a mystery item… all free bonuses when you pre-order the game!

But what about that mystery item? The product page says that “the mystery bonus item could be anything; it could be various video game-related merchandise including another video game from any platform, promotional keychains, collectible strategy guides, video game soundtracks, action figures, etc.”

If you’re planning on diving into this RPG dungeon-crawling mash-up, this is definitely the time to pony up rather than waiting for the release date.


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