New StreePass Mii Plaza Games Coming

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct revealed some very exciting news for those glued to their 3DS’s waiting for that little green light to pop up… there are two new StreetPass games coming to Mii Plaza!

Ultimate Angler is a fishing-based title, where there will be 150 varieties of fish and monsters. Yes, monsters. Not sure what that means yet, but it sounds like a bit of prep for the next game, which is Battleground Z. It’s an action game where Miis defend Hobbyville from a zombie invasion with 26 different weapons at your disposal.

You’ll also be able to download a StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium mode, where you can store additional Mii information like birthday and choose up to 100 friends to select for a special VIP area.

The content will cost $4.99 each, but you’ll be able to get the two games as a dual pack for $7.99.


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