Yoshi’s Woolly World Release Details Plus Amiibo

Though it was announced last year at E3, we have seen very little in the way of updates for Yoshi’s Woolly World, but yesterday’s Nintendo Direct has gotten us excited about the game again. The game is coming for June in Europe but North America will have to wait until the Fall. Still, that’s worth the wait if it delivers on what we’ve seen so far!

The platforming title will have two difficulty modes, Classic (which has a similar feel to traditional Yoshi titles with flutter jumping and exploring), and Mellow (which is aimed at less experienced players lookin for a more casual game experience). Players will be able to switch between these modes at any time, even during gameplay.

We’re also going to see a knitted style amiibo! They work just like any other amiibo, but they are knitted versions in green, blue or pink. They’ll unlock a secondary AI player in-game, sending in another yarn Yoshi to assist when playing the game single-player. This way you can access some of the multi-player actions, like turning the ally into a yarn ball to throw at enemies.


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