Where Did the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Miiverse Community Go?

Here’s another instance where Nintendo, despite being well-meaning, seems to have missed the mark. Any game based on the insanely popular AVGN webseries is going to be chock full of profanity, especially considering the game’s attempt to be faithful to the series source material. That means Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a mature game, which Nintendo was well aware of.

We’re talking about a game that features a level based on old porn games from the days of Atari. It’s not a kids’ game. We know that, Nintendo has to have known that to have approved the game on their system. That’s where ratings and parental controls come in, right?

But here we go, with Nintendo originally allowing screenshots on the Wii U Miiverse community and then removing them only days after the game title launched. Apparently Nintendo was sleeping on the job when the game released? The developers obviously added screenshot support and Nintendo allowed it without fully thinking it through.

This of course results in angry fans. Nintendo has gone a little bullish on Miiverse before, even when it’s Nintendo’s mistake to correct, but it never goes off well with the fans. There are many reasonable comments on Miiverse presently from frustrated players, and we don’t blame them.

Why not simply set up an age gate to access certain Miiverse communities? We don’t know why they haven’t bothered yet, but hopefully this will be addressed sometime soon. Fingers crossed.


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