Layton 7 Details Emerge… And It’s Still Confusing

It was almost two years ago that Level-5 announced the next installment in the Professor Layton series, Layton 7, but since then we’ve heard almost nothing about the project and the projected strange departure for the game series.

At that initial announcement, the game was set to come to iOS, Android, and 3DS… but at Level-5’s Vision event this year, the curtain was finally drawn back. Or at least, moved aside slightly so we could take a tiny peek.

The title’s design has been changed, with it now appearing to be more or less a card game focused around clues and deduction—with the aim being to figure out which party guest is a vampire. And nothing was shown in regard to a 3DS version. Has it been cancelled? No one knows. The CEO of Level-5, Akihiro Hino, mentioned that he’d be interested in a Wii U port… so does that mean it’s heading to the Wii U instead? Again, no one knows for sure.

As more details emerge, we’ll keep you posted, but right now it’s all very confused and there’s very little information as to what’s happening. At least we know it’s not cancelled entirely?


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