Splatoon amiibo Will Each Unlock Special Challenges

The most recent Nintendo Direct showed off the Splatoon amiibo coming soon for the upcoming game at the end of May: Squid, Boy Inkling, and Girl Inkling. But what everyone wants to know is, what will the amiibo unlock inside the actual game? Turns out they unlock a number of in-game challenges for single player mode.

Twenty challenges, in fact. And in a world where some amiibo only unlock skins in-game (*cough* Mario Kart 8 *cough*), 20 challenge stages seems like a pretty good bonus.

It also turns out that completing enough challenges will unlock a special challenge, where upon completion your amiibo will provide exclusive in-game gear as a reward—weapons, headgear, and so forth, from each Inkling amiibo. Does that make it worthwhile for you? Seems like there’s a lot of amiibo integration in Splatoon, so hopefully this is a trend that continues in future Nintendo games.


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