New Project CARS Trailer

If it feels like we’ve been bringing you trailers for Project CARS for years now, it’s because we have. The game will finally be out this year, however—no, really!—with the Wii U release coming toward the end of the year.

To keep the game in our minds and remind us that it still really does exist, Bandai Namco has released yet another trailer that shows off the game’s single-player career mode progression.

The focus in single-player is moving upward in rank, winning in racing discipline categories and shifting around your team allegiance until you “become a legend.” The visuals really are incredible, so we suspect that the graphics here in this particular trailer must be from the PC version (or one of the next gen consoles). We’re hoping the Wii U will be able to handle something just as impressive, if not close enough.

Check out the trailer and remind yourself why this is one you want to keep on your play list.


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