Project X Zone’s “Good Global Reputation” Paved Way for Sequel

Fans of the original Project X Zone were shocked to hear the announcement for a sequel, if not pleasantly surprised. Shortly after the news came to light, Famitsu (a Japanese magazine) sat down with some of the forces behind the game to ask a few questions about the upcoming sequel. Kensuke Tsukanaka (Bandai Namco, producer), Ichirou Morizumi (Monolith Soft, development director), and Kouji Ishtani (Monolith Soft, development director), revealed that the sequel’s development actually began shortly after the first game’s release in the West: “The release had very good reputation in North America and Europe,” which paved the way for development on the next title.

Regarding feedback from fans and how it has played into the sequel’s development, the Ishitani said that they received a lot of information about things like the number of enemies per map and power up items. This has resulted in the team rebuilding the gameplay by adding in new elements and improving on the old ones. They’re also “making the visuals of battle scenes, etc. easier to understand.”

In Project X Zone 2, there will be 14 different games represented on the roster, including some surprises to the old cast. Morizumi mentioned how “those haven’t changed much compared to the last game so while we kept the staples, we also added new entries” that will surprise people. “The expected and the unexpected are neatly mixed,” he said.

Does this get you excited about the new game? Presumably plenty more info will be heading our way now that the cat’s out of the bag.


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