Silver Mario? Is That You?

Yes, Silver Mario is a real boy! Er, amiibo! It’s not some bizarre deception cooked up to send Nintendo fans and amiibo collectors into a frenzy. It’s certainly no gold Mario, but it’s enough to give you heart palpitations… and a sense of light-walletedness.

Last week, news spun around the internets that a listing for this figure was photographed by an employee at Fred Meyer, though it was a strange happening considering that the retailer doesn’t tend to wade into the Nintendo-rare-goods market on a regular basis.

But then, more photos emerged… Best Buy… Target… and the frenzy began anew.

One thing is the same across the board: a May 29th release date. And with so many reports of the listing, it certainly seems like a confirmation announcement should be heading our way soon.

Breathe, amiibo collectors. Breathe.


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