Comic Workshop Update to Bring Back Miiverse Screenshots

As much as Nintendo fans love Miiverse, it’s had plenty of its own controversy to deal with in the past year. Much of the controversy has centered around the ability to post screenshots and the subsequent removal of that ability—usually as part of Nintendo’s efforts to police what they consider content inappropriate to a family audience.

Comic Workshop was one of these poor victims, with screenshot posts to Miiverse disabled about a day after the game’s release. It was really too bad, because the disabling of this feature resulted in a much lower level of interest in the game across the board—especially in this day and age when sharing one’s creations is more or less a given in any social media platform.

The good news is that screenshot sharing will be returning for Comic Workshop’s Miiverse community later this month. On May 14th, screenshot sharing will be re-enabled for this title. It’s good news, of course—but it also makes one wonder how Nintendo will handle the initial issue that caused the shutdown in the first place.

Will posts go through a screener first before being posted? Or will Nintendo and publisher Collavier closely monitor the Miiverse community? It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, as it will likely set a precedent for other Miiverse communities for similar games.


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