No New Hardware for Chinese Market

Last year, Nintendo revealed plans to create something new for the Chinese market, after the country lifted their ban on video game consoles. Nintendo didn’t really want to release the Wii U there, but had planned to create something new that would make an impact in what’s considered an emerging market. Sony and Microsoft have both released their next-gen consoles, despite the effort required to get them there, so we’ve been waiting to hear what Nintendo had planned.

Turns out we’ll be waiting indefinitely. Nintendo has decided to back out of these plans and discontinue work on the Chinese market, choosing instead of focus on its current business interests—which we’ve heard much about in the previous months. For one, the partnership with DeNA on mobile games will likely take a lot of manpower and resources, so rather than spread themselves too thin, Nintendo had to make what was inevitably a tough choice.

This doesn’t mean we won’t ever see Nintendo in the Chinese market, or that Nintendo won’t decide to go ahead and release the Wii U there after all, but right now we just don’t know.


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