Sorry, RPG Fans—Imageepoch is Down For the Count

The Japanese studio Imageepoch, well known among those who enjoy RPGs, has had its fair share of press lately. Publisher Atlus has picked up its latest 3DS title, Stella Glow, for release over on this side of the pond, but on the other side of the spectrum, we had the president of Imageepoch go missing back in April.

This month, his Twitter account was deleted, and rumors abounded that the company’s staff had been laid off and the office up for rent. Now, there’s been a confirmation—the company has gone bankrupt.

Imageepoch is apparently in debt for 1.1 billion Yen, with the debts spread out between 43 different creditors—and then there’s their affiliate studio Smile Online Game, who owes 3 billion Yen to 5 different creditors.

The company has fallen fast and hard, despite making almost $17.5 million USD in 2011. Their income dropped to $4.1 million by 2013, with the losses coming faster and harder each year and putting the company further into debt. They apparently ceased official operations in November 2014, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the office was up for rent or that the phone lines were disconnected.

What does this mean for the Western version of Stella Glow? Probably nothing. Western sales of the game wouldn’t bring in enough money to save Imageepoch, and it’s basically in the hands of Atlus to deal with at this point anyway. That said, it’s really a shame that a well-liked company who used to be a huge player in the field of RPG games has gone under in this way.


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